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Keyword Revenue Forecasting Tool

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ZOG Digital commissioned Forrester to review ZOG’s ROI calculator for search engine optimization. The analysis by Forrester is based on its proprietary Total Economic Impact™ methodology. The overall objective of this engagement was for Forrester to validate that the customers realize benefits similar to those projected by the calculator and to ensure that the calculator follows industry best practices.

The TEI Compliance Review assessed ZOG’s ROI calculator and recommended changes to comply with Forrester’s Total Economic Impact methodology to ensure that the final tool meets the required standards of:



  • Forrester reviewed background material about the services provided by ZOG Digital.
  • Forrester interviewed ZOG Digital stakeholders to drill down deeper into the individual services’ value propositions.
  • ZOG Digital briefed Forrester in detail about the ROI model.


  • Forrester conducted in-depth interviews with 4 customers working with ZOG Digital to validate that their actual experience was equal to or greater than the results projected by the ROI calculator.
  • Forrester assessed in detail the overall logic, completeness of the model, ease of use, accuracy of the calculations, appropriateness of default values, and transparency of the tool and its outputs.
  • Forrester formulated specific change requests.


  • ZOG Digital implemented the required changes to meet Forrester’s criteria.


  • Forrester reviewed the changes to ensure that the revised models are TEI-compliant.

After having gone through this thorough process, Forrester deems that the reviewed ROI model conforms to the TEI fundamentals and principles of a sound business case. The intent of the ROI tool is for ZOG Digital to guide prospects through the questionnaire to solicit inputs specific to your business and technology environment. ZOG Digital is not permitted to change the calculations or equations. Forrester believes that this analysis is representative of what companies may achieve using ZOG Digital search engine optimization services based on the inputs provided and any assumptions made. Forrester does not endorse ZOG Digital or its offerings.

Be aware that although great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy and completeness of all models reviewed, ZOG Digital and Forrester Research are unable to accept any legal responsibility for any actions taken on the basis of the information contained in these tools. The tools are provided ‘AS IS’ and ZOG Digital and Forrester Research make no warranties of any kind.